Interior and fittings since 1922

Theofils is a well known Scandinavian brand synonymous with high quality and long lasting furniture fittings; we take pride in constantly developing and nurturing our extensive range of products.

One of our popular ranges is our customised range of handles on knobs. This range allows you to find the perfect shape and shade to blend in perfectly with your new or existing kitchens. This extensive range comes in a broad range of fittings to suit every need and budget from basic to premium; there is something for everyone

– Scandinavian design at its best.

Waste sorting system

Theofil’s new waste sorting systems are suitable for every kitchen on the market, whether installing in your existing kitchen or your newly fitted kitchen, no matter the make of the kitchen/ no matter which kitchen manufacturer. The collection is designed for maximum stability, longevity, and sustainability in your home.

Watch how it work


Källsortering med två stora lådor

Lignum wooden drawer

Our wooden boxes for kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes, custom-made according to your own measurements.
Available in different types of wood and with a range of accessories.



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